[Patches] Maintenance 17th February 2019

by [Admin]TheFlyBoy on Sunday, February 17, 2019

~ Maintenance / Update February 17th, 2019 ~

1). Addition of New 4th Rebirth!
Note1: To start 4th Rebirth Quest you need to get "Fourth RB Start" which costs 200k Reputation at "Mysterious Granny NPC (Outside Argent City [Cords: 2158,2792]"
Note2: After getting "Fourth RB Start", you can start 4th Rebirth Quest at the same NPC!
Note3: For full guide of "4th Rebirth" Click this -> 4th Rebirth Guide

2). Added Volcanic Isle (at Argent Bar) opens every Portal Opens every 6 hours and is active 3 hours (Map is active for 3 hours and 30min)!
Note1: This map is owned by a Lava Dragon, which is required for 4th Rebirth Quest!

3). Sockets can now be bought at Blacksmith Disciple NPC (Near Blacksmith on Argent / Shaitan City)
Note1: They will cost 3m gold each (6m gold = 1 socket)!
Note2: Sockets are still available with Reputations aswell!

4). We added Daily Prize NPC, all you have to do is Click on NPC & Obtain the Prize!
Note1: NPC gives "Daily Coins" (Cannot be Traded/Dropped/Sold), If you exchange everyday you can get a prize at the end of the week!

5). We also added Daily Quest, you can get the Quest at the same NPC "Daily Prize"!
Note1: After Completing Daily Quest you get some Money & Daily Coins!

6). "Daily Coins" can be converted on Reputations / Money!
Note1: Convert Them to Reputation or Money at the same NPC "Daily Prize"
Note2: It will be updated on future and will allow you to exchange "Daily Coins" for items aswell!

7). Rebirth Stones now can also be bought at Heaven (Reason: People forget to buy them at Shaitan City NPC and waste their Goddess Favor (which costs 5k reputation)!
Note1: You can still buy them at Shaitan City aswell!

8). New Client Launcher (Updater)
Note1: Allows you to Force Update to latest news by clicking "V.Check"

9). Fixed few bugs!

PSO Team