[News] Update December 20th

by [Admin]TheFlyBoy on Thursday, December 20, 2018

~ Server Update ~

1). Fixed Chaos Argent Mob Spawn & Removed Checker when you use Ticket or Relog, now you still can enter without waiting any second!
2). Removed Checker on Demonic World 1/2, now you can enter DW 2 without killing DW 1 Boss
3). Automated Q & A prized now will be directly delivered on Temporary Bag instead of Invertory!
4). Voyager Conch Stun has been added back again!

~ Christmas/New Year Update ~

5). Added Christmas Map & Christmas Reverse Map (PK Map)
6). Many Monsters are spawned outside Argent/Shaitan/Icicle Cities
- Same monsters can be found at Xmas Reverse Map
- This monster drops Christmas/New Year stuff, which are needed to exchange Items at Christmas Village
- They also have 20% chance to give 100k Notes (Drop is not affected with Amps)

7). Stay Online on Christmas (Day) and the Server will give Random useful Stuff
8). Stay Online for New Year (Day) and Server will give Random useful Stuff

This is the List of items you get by staying Online on these Days, a list of 25 Random Items:
1). Lord Fragment Box
2). Starter Pack[Novice]
3). 10m Note
4). Strengthening Crystal
5). Xmas Pack[Standard]
6). Lord Fragment Box
7). Cloak Upgrade Device
8). Fishes Token Box
9). Xmas Pack[Expert]
10). Strengthening Crystal
11). Fishes Token Box
12). Fission Scroll
13). Cloak Upgrade Shard
14). Demonic Fruit Card
15). Strengthening Crystal
16). Starter Pack[Standard]
17). Lord Shard
18). Xmas Pack[Novice]
19). Million Dollar Note
20). 10m Note
21). Strengthening Crystal
22). Gem Slot Card
23). Xmas Pack[Standard]
24). Starter Pack[Expert]
25). Strengthening Crystal

Also Many Events will be posted by the end of the day so stay tuned for more News at 00:00am Tonight!

PSO Team