GUIDES / Money Ways

Theres few ways to get money so lets get started!

As a beginning once you start playing you can make Money with Woods/Iron Ores & Kals, you can enter the farming map from the npc near Argent City Fountain, 40x Woods or Iron Ore = 80k - 1x Tree = 10 Woods, also each Tree that you chop or Crystal they give 1x Kal Fragment once you get 50x Kal Fragments you can exchange them for 1x Kal Runestone and Sell it at NPC for 2.5m

After you made some Money by Cutting Trees and Mining Ores, you got tired? okay lets try this way, Enter Demonic World and Start Killing Mobs, each mob gives 20 Reputation and random 50k Notes, also each Refining Gem that you get from mobs Sell it at NPC for 200k each (You wont need Refs since theres a NPC that gives 6x Lv 6 Refs for 1.2m, also 6x Lv 6 Gems for 100k)!

Another way for money is "Fairy Coins" make a Pet atleast Lv 1 so you can get Fairy Coins and exchange them for money at Pet NPC on Argent City!

Also Monsters at FC / DS Maps have a random chance to give you 30k Notes!

Win Maps to Get some New Gems & Money, for ex: Battle Royal Map opens every 5 hours but if you become 1st place you'll get 50m / 2nd place gets 10m and 3rd place gets 1m!

Obtain "Daily Coins" from "Daily Prize - [NPC]" in Argent City [Cords: 2249,2788], you have obtain 1 free "Daily Coin" every 24 hours from NPC also you can complete "Daily Quest" which also gives 1 "Daily Coin + 100k Note", you are able to exchange "Daily Coins" for Money or Reputations at the same NPC!

Stay Online to Win Money - Every 5 minutes you get 25k Gold ( More Characters Online = More Money you'll get )!

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