So you're new to PSO eh? Fear not! I'll give you some tips and what-nots in order to strive in PSO. Now since PSO is a private server, you will have a new motto

More PK, More Friends, More Quests, More Bosses!

Easier said than done, that's what I've experienced.
Now let's get down to business! The first thing that you really need is to level up.
Lvling is FREE, you can lvl up from NPC near Argent City.

You can choose between Lv 45 / 55 and 100 (Max Level).

After you're leveled up, you need to change your class. Go to the Class Changer near Argent Teleporter and choose your class(lv 10 for 1st class change, lv 40 for 2nd class change).

If you want to sell Item with Stall or Farm with Woods/Iron Ores or Sashimi, Life Skill Points are available by Story Quests (Secretary Quest from Newbie Guide NPC) or Buy them from Grocery Jimberry on Argent City, first 9 Points for only 500k Gold.

You can use Offline Stall, just open stall & logout / alt+f4 and it will remain online selling the items for you!

Inventory cash is limited to 2b, so excess cash will just be useless. In-order to have more money you can exchange your notes at Argent's Money Transfer NPC ( Near Bank ) or system will automatically convert your money into 100m Notes if you reach 1.5b Gold (1.500.000.000) and send them to your Temporary Bag.

Unseal Lv45-55-65 are free at NPC, Unseals 75 are able by Quests from a Death NPC near Argent City Fountain, Best Equips are Unseal Lv95 which are able by Quests aswell from a Abyss NPC near Shaitan City Teleport.

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